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Fashion retail is in rapid change when digitalization is disrupting, customers have complex needs, there is economic weakness yet a demand for sustainability, and we must deliver our own tailored made solutions to succeed. The competitive landscape must be supported by up to date state of the art sourcing which is both innovative and transformational. We are now accelerating this process through converging and consolidating our ranges. Our priority focuses on the next generation of industry leaders and what "keeps me up at night" is the lack of concentration of soft skills and analytical skills, a lack of process knowledge and a lack of supply chain transparency and traceability. Clear and effective communication skills are of the utmost importance. In a world that is wired and connected 24/7, the lack of interpersonal communications skills often the root cause of most problems. Technical training in areas like manufacturing, sourcing, product engineering and quality management has become a lost art.

As products, value chains and consumer demands become more complex, investment in Information/Data/Analytic Management Systems, and people, needs to be elevated to a higher level than merchandising. The only certainty that we have for the future is that change is taking place faster than ever before. In the coming months, let’s continue to shape our future retail and sourcing environment together. Welcome to LERO Fundamentals & Roadmap, a document that will help you to understand results, strategy, hidden actions and vision. This summarizes the activities and initiatives followed by more agile people working for LERO Sourcing. It sets out the commitment to Textile, which drives us all, and how we generate social and economic value in the process. This aims at, highlighting what brings us together and translate this into a set of identifiable leadership principles. Building a platform that enables us to speak with one voice to all, internally and externally. Creating a sense of belonging and pride for all those involved in the journey. Sharing the ambition of LERO. Shaping up the future of sourcing, equipping managers with a necessary tool to help them become effective leaders Global Sourcing Textile Leaders.

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