About LERO Sourcing

We are change agents that question and push limits to create high-quality, trendy, sustainable items that are appropriate for the world we live in today and in the future.

We are a company that values operational excellence, client centricity, and product leadership. These three pillars are required to achieve our overall goal: Build trust.

Our top aim is to upskill and invest in training our teams so they can become the leaders of the future.

our upholder

CHOICE DESTINATION: Be the preferred destination for talent, stakeholders, and suppliers. Developing talent through dynamic working environments, actively encouraging diversity among our personnel and suppliers, and bringing in start-ups to drive innovation.

PROTECT THE FIRM: As a key competence, our centered approach provides a strong foundation of risk management, with a specific focus on pre-contract due diligence, governance risk acceptance, and category-led supplier management, delivering regulatory compliance.

SOURCING ALIGNMENT: Including purchasers in the decision-making process from the outset to guarantee that the consumer is involved at all stages. This method responds to opportunities in terms of speed and cost, which increases the sourcing chain’s overall efficiency and adaptability. Sourcing aims to establish a mutually beneficial partnership with the distribution strategy.

SEAMLESS PROCESS: Providing innovative technology that supports the complete procurement cycle, with a focus on “Consumerizing” the business experience through improved interfaces and data, while eliminating friction in the Source to Buy process.

SPEED TO VALUE: Constantly streamlining and optimizing the sourcing process through technology and automation, managing pain spots, and process fine-tuning.

AGILE WORKFORCE: Appropriate people performing the appropriate tasks in a dynamic workplace that values and celebrates variety and talent. actively working together to produce results that are sustainable quickly. assisting our clients and business in achieving the desired outcomes.

Stakeholer Management

Managing suppliers is only half the struggle for us. Our true challenge comes from our retail stakeholders. Influencing suppliers on behalf of merchandisers is normal. We are used to engaging with third parties and aligning them to fulfill company goals, from negotiation to post-contractual administration (Supplier relationship management). Managing our coworkers within the organization can be a difficult chore at times. Buyers may be hesitant to commit to taking on new suppliers or derisking providers with whom they are familiar, and a more entrepreneurial spirit is required to broaden our skill sets and manage change.


Talk with the customer to find out what they need, what makes them happy, and what frustrates them. Determine the priorities of the buying team and how they relate to your value proposition by mapping them out.


Change the vocabulary we use when communicating with our buyers to include the specifics of the purchase industry (margin, stock, sell-through).


Pay attention to stakeholders according to their interest and amount of influence. Key stakeholders are those who have significant influence over a project and a vested interest in it; they should be handled carefully and directly. On the other hand, those with little power and interest can be regarded as non-critical.


Strive assiduously to reduce the distance. Develop creative and useful solutions with the team for your buyers (such as those pertaining to quality, corporate social responsibility, the operation team, other department personnel, and even the clients themselves). By asking our suppliers, you may evaluate our current value proposal in comparison to that of our rivals.
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