Turning Ideas into Reality

LERO Sourcing are striving to produce a continuous stream of differentiated highly sellable and enduring consumer products. We will do this by adopting a selective, segmented approach to the categories that work the best for everyone. Reaching that goal requires to focus on seizing the traffic in all stores and target our resources primarily on categories where we are still in a driving seat.

From Concept to Market

The Product Development Journey

Product development is a complex and multifaceted journey that involves various stages, from ideation and design to prototyping, testing, and production. Coordinating these stages efficiently and effectively is essential to bringing your product to market on time and within budget.

Our Expertise in Coordinating Product Development

LERO Sourcing Ltd. serves as your strategic partner in coordinating the entire product development process. We understand that every detail matters, and every step counts. Here’s how we make it happen


  • We work closely with you to understand your product idea and vision.
  • Our team conducts market research to assess the product’s potential and demand.
  • Together, we define the product’s key features and specifications.

Design and Prototyping

  • We collaborate with experienced designers and engineers to create detailed product specifications and designs.
  • Prototypes are developed to ensure that the design aligns with your vision.

Supplier Selection

  • We leverage our extensive global network to identify suitable suppliers for your project.
  • Suppliers are selected based on their ability to meet your quality, cost, and timeline requirements.

Project Management

  • Our project management team oversees every aspect of the product development process.
  • We maintain a transparent communication channel to keep you informed at all stages.

Quality Assurance

  • Quality control and testing procedures are integrated into the development process.
  • We ensure that your product meets or exceeds industry and quality standards.

Production and Delivery

  • Our team manages the production process to meet agreed timelines.
  • We handle logistics, ensuring your product is delivered on time and in excellent condition.

We understand that every product development project is unique. Our approach is flexible and adaptable to your specific needs, whether you’re developing a new product line, a single prototype, or a large-scale production run.

Bring Your Ideas to Life with LERO Sourcing Ltd.

When you collaborate with LERO Sourcing Ltd., you gain a dedicated partner who coordinates every step of the product development process. We ensure that your vision is brought to life efficiently, cost-effectively, and with unwavering quality.

Let us be the bridge that turns your innovative ideas into successful products. Together, we'll navigate the intricate journey of product development and bring your vision to life, ensuring your products stand out in the market.

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