What is the Circular Economy?

Inspired by Nature, Committed to Sustainability

The circular economy is inspired by nature’s cycles, with the goal of keeping materials and resources in a closed loop. This technique maximizes resource utilization, eliminates the need for new resources, reduces waste, and extends product longevity. Essentially, it converts today’s trash into tomorrow’s raw resources, mimicking nature’s efficient processes.

The circular economy differs from the standard linear model in which items are manufactured, utilized, and then discarded.

Breathing New Life into Waste

Our Circular Economy Strategy and Vision:

LERO Sourcing Ltd. is at the forefront of the circular economy, striving to give waste a new life in every aspect of our core business. This mission is deeply ingrained in our ambitious sustainability goals.

We collaborate with potential partners to co-develop circular solutions, aiming to create value while minimizing the use of virgin resources and reducing the carbon footprint. Our commitment includes:

  • Using regenerative and recycled materials to protect the planet.
  • Designing processes that eliminate waste and pollution.
  • Innovating to use and reuse materials efficiently.

What exactly is the circular economy? How does it appear in practice? Who is doing it right now? And how can you participate?

The circular economy approach used by LERO Sourcing

Embracing Natural Circularity

Our products are crafted from renewable wood sourced from responsibly managed forests and plantations. LERO Sourcing Ltd.’s fibers are compostable and biodegradable at the end of their life cycle, aligning with the biological cycle and closing the material loop.

Commercial-Scale Recycling Technologies

To tackle the textile waste challenge, we’ve developed REFIBRA™, a unique upcycling technology. It repurposes pre-consumer cotton scraps and post-consumer garments from the textile value chain as raw materials. We are determined to process 100,000 tons of textile waste by 2028, driving textile recycling forward with our partners.

Resource-Efficient Technologies and Products

We continually innovate to produce sustainable products, focusing on optimal resource utilization and efficient recovery of chemicals, water, and energy.

Supply Chain Transparency and Traceability

We employ a three-pillar approach for supply chain transparency: fiber identification, blockchain, and collaboration. This ensures a high degree of transparency and verifies the origin of LERO Sourcing Ltd. fibers throughout the supply chain.

Collaborative Systemic Change

Complex global challenges necessitate collaboration. We partner with stakeholders and industry peers to drive systemic change in sustainability within the textile and nonwovens industry.

Waste Management for Circular Efficiency

Waste management is the heart of an effective circular economy at LERO Sourcing Ltd. We ensure that waste from our production processes becomes a raw material for other processes, reducing the need for new resources and minimizing environmental impacts.

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